Speech in the protest against Vucic/Brnabic during UNSC week, NYC. Manhattan

Arlind Alidema

Gjilan – Kosovë

M.A Foreign Policy Analysis – Global Negotiations and Conflict Management – Seton Hall Uni.

BashkeRi initiative Board member and former AACA exec.director

Ladies and gentlemen, dear Albanian-American Community, and all those who stand with us today,

I stand before you as a proud Kosova son, deeply moved to witness Albanians from all regions uniting as one, here in the heart of New York City, to raise our you is against the actions of Aleksandar Vucic the president of Serbia. We unite not as divided but as a single force, condemning the destabilizing actions of a man who has caused immense pain and suffering in Kosova and throughout the Balkans.

Today, it’s not just inspiring: its profoundly motivational to see men and women of all ages, from the young to the elderly, gathering together to denounce the terror and aggression that Vucic has inflicted upon our homeland.

My main message today is about engaging our youth, instilling in them the same passion and love for our homeland that our parents and grandparents felt when homeland needed us the most.

Those same feelings and love for homeland that our parents and grandparents had, when not that long time ago, they went out in the streets, protested, and even flew back to fight for the freedom of Kosova. Kosova needed Albanian-Americans a lot not that long ago, and that same generation that stands among us today, around us, with us, they DELIVERED. Today, with newer generations around us, they are still protesting and fighting against monsters that Serbia has created. We must ensure that the flame, the fire of our collective commitment to Kosova burns brightly in the hearts of the generations to come.

Albanian-Americans have never forgotten Kosova. We understand that Kosova is the soul of the Albanian nation, an integral part of our diaspora. And here we stand once again, affirming to Kosova that it is not forgotten. The Albanian-American community tirelessly advocates in Washington, tirelessly informs elected officials, and works diligently to emphasize the grave danger that the Balkan region faces.

We demand accountability from Serbia and its leaders for their aggression and acts of terrorism. The Balkans remain a fragile powder keg, a potential flashpoint that could ignite conflict in the heart of Europe, requiring international intervention . We must not let history repeat itself.

Today, we must also acknowledge the decades of hard work and dedication by the Albanian-American diaspora for the cause of Kosova. The older generation has been our guiding light, and it’s our duty to ensure that their wisdom, their advice, and their influences are passed on to the youth, so we do not lose the foundations we’ve built over the years.

Continuity and collaboration should be our motto. We must pass the torch to the new generation and guide them to achieve what was once accomplished. Together, let us work together AS

ONE, ONCE AGAIN showing to the world how Albanians can come together and make their voices heard, not just for the present, but for the generations to come.

Thank you, and let our unity be our strength as we stand in solidarity for Kosova and with the family of Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku.

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