Emina Çunmulaj appointed Vatra Goodwill Ambassador by VATRA President Elmi Berisha

Rafaela Prifti

On Tuesday Elmi Berisha, President of the Pan Albanian Federation of America VATRA has appointed Emina Çunmulaj Goodwill Ambassador making it the first nomination of its kind at VATRA’s headquarters. Emina Çunmulaj, a prominent Albanian American model and business executive, has a successful career in the US. She was born in Michigan to Albanian parents from Montenegro. At the reception, Chairman Berisha spoke of VATRA’s progress in the 21 century, accompanied by Dr. Pashko Camaj, Secretary, and a group of VATRA officials from the Council and Board, including Bashkim Musabelliu, Ilir Cubi, Mehmet Kadria, as well as Anton Raja, Paulin Mrnacaj, Dielli Editor Sokol Paja.

Speaking in Albanian during her first VATRA visit, Emina, who was in the company of her brother Ilir, said that she is keenly aware of what the previous generation of her parents and grandparents has accomplished and appreciates the task of passing the same values onto the next generation of Albanians.

Vatra President Berisha invited the people present to stand next to him and Emina as he read the nomination out loud:

“By virtue of my authority as President of the Pan Albanian Federation of America VATRA and pursuant to Articles 57 and 58 of Vatra’s bylaws, I hereby appoint Ms. Emina Çunmulaj Ambassador of Goodwill of the Pan Albanian Federation of America VATRA. In her capacity as Ambassador of Goodwill Ms. Çunmulaj shall undertake this task to fulfill Vatra’s mission and goals. The duties and responsibilities of the Ambassadorship also include cultivating the Albanian ethnic identity and cultural values of the diaspora in the United States, Promoting Albanian values in America; Contributing towards the strengthening of cultural relations between Albania, Kosova and all Albanians in the Balkans with the United States; Promoting the work of Vatra particularly among the Albanian artists and cultural personalities and in coordination with the respective institutions of Vatra. The appointment is effective on the day of its signing.”

Emina Çunmulaj accepted the appointment calling it “a great honor to be the first ambassador appointment of this period and the first woman in this position.” She expressed gratitude to be joining the reputable organization Vatra at this time and vowed to be dedicated to the task alongside Vatra’s dedicated members.

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